Problems reading disks recorded with BTC IM1004



I stick to my BTC since FW43 now I use 50. My standalone Toshiba Player plays disks fine. My new Ricoh DVD+RW MP5240 has serious problems with the disks recorded with BTC drive. I use Nero 6.3 latest Patch for recording.My Ricoh drive has latest FW 1.19. I started with different cheap dvd-R Media. Some of them are partly playable on the Ricoh others are not recognized at all. The all play on the Toshiba. Now I bought a charge of NANYA 4x DVD+R Media. (MediaCode DVD+R 4X NANYA RJB ) They are recomended on the BTC page.
I bought the following Media:
They do not play on the Ricoh. What can I do? Do I need different Media? The Ricoh beeing a + R/RW Recorder should be able to read the media. Anything I can do? Is this a Ricoh or a BTC issue?