Problems reading/burning multisession DVD-R data discs

Hi everyone,

First off, a warm hello to all - I’m new here and truly looking forward to be part of the community.

I need some help with a problem I’ve been having. I’ve looked just about everywhere but couldn’t find anything helpful - hopefully I’ll find it here.

I have an Optorite DD1601 that I use with Nero v. I’ve tried burning multisession DVD-Rs using a variety of options (ISO only, UDF only, ISO/UDF Bridge, Open disc, Finalized disc, etc.) and get mixed results. Almost always, I can only read one session off the disc even on the drive that burned it. On my Samsung DVD-ROM, only the disc that I’ve left open can be read. All those that I’ve finalized cannot. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

Even the Plextor I have at work has had minimal success (if any) reading these discs. However, I have no problems creating/reading a DAO disc.

Any ideas as to what I might be doing wrong or perhaps something important I may have missed in creating these multisession discs?

Needless to say, I have coastered many a DVD-R and the entire experience has been nothing short of maddening.

I appreciate any help you can throw my way.


Extra Info:

Optorite DD1601: Secondary Master
Samsung DVD-ROM SD-616E: Secondary Slave
Media: Sony 4X/1X DVD-R
O/S: Win XP Pro with SP2
IDE Controllers: Both set to “DMA if available”
*Nero InCD not installed

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If I understand correctly:

you burned a DVD-R as a multisession disc with Nero?
DVD-R discs are not multisession. If you burn a DVD-R with Nero (or any other software), you have to finalize the disc.

You can burn multisession discs only with DVD-RW (ReWritable).

The reading problem in case of finalized DVD-Rs may be due to poor quality media.

Hi Alex,

I was under the impression that DVD-/+R’s can do multisession, as seemed to be the case when I tried to do the exact same thing with my Plextor PX-712A at work. The discs burned and were read by other drives flawlessly.

Speaking of DVD-RWs (Imation), I tried those too. The Optorite couldn’t even read the very same disc it burned!

But what really kills me is that everything I tried works fine with the Plextor and not the Optorite. I guess that much says about the quality behind the Optorite drives. Anyway, I’ve decided to send the Optorite back for a refund and got a Pioneer DVR-108 instead. There’s just too much guesswork/ trial-and-error involved in getting the Optorite to burn anything successfully. I’ve already trashed about half the value of the Optorite in blank DVDs - I draw the line there.

Thanks for the reply!


You are welcome. And good luck with the new DVD dirve. :slight_smile: