Problems reading burned DVD:s with avi or other media formats on them

This might be a common question, but i have searched the net now, and tried a couple of firmwares to get around this problem, but it won’t seem to help. The problem isn’t big really, but it’s annoying. I’ recently bought a NEC ND-3520A. There is no problem what so ever burning with the drive… but when i try to read the files i burned to the DVD, i get up to around 3500 KB/s, tops. That’s a third of what i can burn with, as bitrate…
I’ve heard that removing riplock on the drive will solve this problem… but i didn’t really notice any difference… Anyone know anything about this? I’d be very happy if i coulg get some advice concerning this matter…

From what i know, the original firmware was 1.04 on my NEC… And i have only flashed it with modified 1.04 firmwares… Not sure if i dared flashing with anything else.

Thanks in advance


not sure what you asking exacty… But the 3520 reads up to 16x

how are you finding the 3500kb/s figure ?

post a scan done with Nero cdspeed Transfer rate test and we can help you (Maybe !)

Poor quality media maybe?

The bitrate of a videofile is set at the authoring stage.
You can’t change the bitrate unless you reauthor the video.

I realise that i might have been a bit un-clear with the description of the problem. Here’s the deal. I burn the stuff on to the DVD (bunch of avi files). Then of course i want to check if the files are ok… That the DVD got burned propperly, so i want to copy the files back to the computer from the DVD. (Using Total Commander to do so). When i do that, i am able to read the DVD with around 3500 KB/s. Compared to the 8X (11040KB/s) that were used burning the DVD.
I have burned other stuff then AVI files to a DVD using the same type of media, and there doesn’t seem to be any problems. From what i understand, this only happens when video-files are to be read from the DVD.


he’s right. it COULD be your media. do a kprobe or disc quality check with nero cd/dvd speed. if your scans indicate high pi/pif scans then your disc will be limited to a slower speed so that your drive can properly read it and/or that it slows down due to read retries (i think).

you will notice the slower transfer more on avi or any large files because the drive has to sequentially read a huge chunk of data over a crappy disc. you’ll barely notice a slower read with smaller files simply because there’s less data to read off the disc.

why don’t you post the type of media u used and the corresponding scans