Problems Reading Backups

I’m new to all this and have got a problem/question regarding reading backups. Specifically Operation Flashpoint - Resistance.
Clony XXL reports safedisc v2.51 protection.
I’ve used Cd Clone for the backup (v4.2.0.2) (with a downloaded CDclone profile with AWS) and I can use the backup on my Plextor (PX-W2410A V1.04) with Hide CDR media checked.
Why can’t I use it in my Liteon drive (LTD-163 GH5E)? And would it work on other CD or DVD drives?
I’ve already got a stack of wasted CDR’s getting this far! :confused:

Safedisc 2 protection generates some weak sectors that could sometimes be read only from some cd reader/writer (and a lot of times unreadable in all cd reader/writer) .

This relies on :

  • Your cd writer
  • Your cd readers

Also last clonecd provides a safedisc emulation allowing to use unperfect backup when “Hide CDR media” is checked .

The conclusion is :

  • Check if your cd writer is one 1 or 2 sheep in clonecd writer database
    If 2 sheeps you should not encounter any problem (except last safedisc 2.8 version)

If 1 or 0 sheep, use daemon-tool (fastdump + safedisc emulation) or clonecd emulation or alcohol emulation method with your backup .

You should also know that some cd readers are not able to read original safedisc 2 cd !!!

Have fun

The Plextors are one-sheep writers, which means that you need to amplify the weak sectors to create a fully working back-up. You probably wrote the image with weak sectors set to ignore. Re-read the image and write the images with the SafeDisc 2(.51) [AWS] Profile. Then the back-up will probably also work from your Lite-On DVD drive. There’s no need to emulate the weak sectors.

Thanks guys works in BOTH drives provided I keep ‘hide CDR media’ on. I didn’t realise that setting effected my DVD drive too. :slight_smile: