Problems Reading and Rewriting to CDRW



I have Nero 6 and when I write to a CDRW after I eject the CD and insert it back into the PC I can’t read or read write to it. But heres the catch I have a
CD player that plays mp3 and it can read it but my PC can’t. (the files I writing are MP3 file.)


How does it read on the PC after you restart Windows?
Generally, Windows has an issue with refreshing information about the data on the disc. If it reads ok after reset, then the problem is neither in the disc nor the burner, and the data is actually there. Only the inconvenience to have to reset the PC to read your disc remains.


No thats not the problem I’ve restarted it and my machine still doesn’t read the disc


Also when I try to erase my rewriteable disc I get and Internal error and it goes back to the Nero’s smartstart


I can write and erase and rewrite audio cd but not mp3


That’s interesting. I am not that well acquainted with Nero, I just thought that the problem might be familiar.
I know that may sound a lame solution, but you could try another program that allows MP3 disc recording (I know SwiftDisc - - has such an option, Compressed Audio CD).
Or wait for someone who is more familiar with Nero to post an answer for you - that is another option.


When writing or rewriting to a CDRW using Nero 6 what write method should you use. Disk-at-once or tack-at-once and there also disc-at-on/96 and whats the diff between all these.