Problems re-installing trial-program



2 months ago I installed a 30 day trail version of DUmeter. After the 30 days I had to register it (which i didn’t do offcourse). This evening I downloaded it again but when I start the program it says that my 30 days trial are already over. What can I do? (got the keygen already, but I still can’t use the prog) Is there a .dll file in the registry giving me that trouble? Plz help


Yep, gotta be a registry entry.
Do you have any reg backups from 30 days ago?
If not, back it up, run regedit, hkey_local_machine/software and delete the entry under “Hagel”.
Then start over.


I also have the same sort of problem, but its with a 30 trail version of PowerVCR.

I also tried to re-install, but of course it didn’t work. Which file should I look for to delete from the register???

Help !!!


Urbanski, thanx man
Deleted the dir. and the program runs smoothly (got already used the keygen now)
thanks a lot!!!