Problems, please help

Ok, im running an 851s and every disc i burn is marginal but i want better, i must have 10 different brands here and they all burn marginal, can anybody tell me if i should worry about these scans?, ive always used k probe 1 and just ran it at 4x with the ecc set to 1 but ive later used kprobe 2 and found that it should really be on 8 and my discs are not as good as i first thought, also when i scan a disc right after burning it looks ok but if i wait about 30mins then its acquired about 10x more errors

could using the new hacked firmware improve the quality? ive got a few different brands Ritek, TY(not sure if theyre real),FujiFilm03,Princo,AN31(useless), and a few others i cant remember

doesnt look too good to me. you should try the following:

  1. do not burn at max speed (if it can do 8x try 4x instead)
  2. try another fw (you’ll find a few on this forum)
  3. try another media
  4. maybe update your recording software

btw. here’s what i’d consider a ‘more-or-less-good’ scan in order to keep the disc, at least for me:

Ok, i went back and scanned some old dvd’s and they arent that bad the PIF/PO errors are as good as yours but the PI errors are a bit high, any common things that could cause this? am i right in thinking that aslong as PIF/PO errors are good PI errors can be marginal?? i think the new fujifilm03 discs and a mix of new firmware are whats giving me bad discs at the moment

This is a little over 4Gb

PIF/PO is good but what about PI? marginal id say

Ok well ive just flashed my drive to 832s vcgb3 and burned a RiTEK disc that ive had lieing around for about 3 months, these discs had terrible spikes before but with the new FW they are brilliant!!! heres a scan this is just under 3 Gb’s im going to burn a full one later
looks like im going to backup all my dvd’s with Go4 ive only got 15 that are worth backing up the rest are old backups that need updating anyway, ive only got another 3 of these Riteks left so gonna have to get some more next week

Mr Brownstone,
That scan looks quite a bit better. Down the road if you feel like experimenting, you might try some ricohjpn media with your litey as they seem to really like em, and are comparable in price.

Glad to see firmware fixed your issues Mr. B! If you have issues with your lite-on drive do not hesitate to search/post here for answers Liteon

Thanks for your advice, yes i will definitely try some of that media if i can get my hands on some of it, Theres some good stuff on the LiteOn forum, anyway i thought id just add 1 more scan which was made using Kprobe1 at 8ECC, it seems the high PIF/Po errors at the start are caused by a bug or something because if i stop the scan and restart they seem to dissapear, its all good!

Remember the Po errors are also at 8ecc on kprobe1

would you guys trust this disc?

I would say yes but the final test is does it play ok in your set top dvd player.

The worst of the worst discs will play in my cheap £30 dvd player! But i dont use DVD for that purpose, i really only use it to Backup TV episodes which are in Mpeg/DivX format, and films that wont fit on one CD-R, also for data backups, i only ever covert DivX films to DVD for family/Friends, as i have a pc hooked up to my Tv downstairs which is linked to my router so any films i want to watch are played from either the origional DivX cd of which the quality of the burns are pretty damn good or i play the film from the hard drive of my main pc, i think hooking a pc up to the tv is far better than any DVD player it would take far too much time to covert all my DivX films to DVD!

A modded XBOX will do pretty much the same thing for ya. :wink:

If only i had the money! but yeah good idea, the pc im running downstairs is a PIII650 @ 728Mhz basically i got most of the parts for nothing as the pc shop was throwing them out and i know the guys, only cost me £10 for the mx440se, crap card but plays films and the sort of games my mr’s likes

Just burned a full disc well 4.31Gb also this disc had a few small scrathes where i rubbed it too hard to get a bit of dirt off it, (ive had these RiTEK’s for ages and moved them from diffferent spindles and theyve accumulated a few fingerprints etc)

Kprobe 1 @ 8ECC

Kpobe 2 @ 8 ECC

Also sometimes when i scan i get a few high spikes stupidly high like 600 on both PI and Po on both versions of kprobe is this the bug ive heard about? they are always at random spots never in the same place, should i worry?

With reference to my scan which i posted in the media test forum.

I had noted a strange trend in the burn for the batch of sony media i have bought. There is always a hugh amount of PI error starting from 7Fxxxh to 10xxxh zone. This zone should be in the middle part of the media, but a physical inspection of the whole batch shows no signs damage/dust/discoloration to the disc in general.

Wondering if this is could be the media fault, as this batch i have bought had generated the same results that falls within this zone without fail.

Spikes like you see are normal artifacts from scanning. Just remove the high point with the right mouse button. Your scans all look excelllent Mr. B. :iagree: