Problems playing VCD on Standalone DVD Player




Hello Guys,…this time iam really confused…

About a week ago i bought a Scott Multiplayer 838 but i have a real problem to play 16:9 VCDs.

All VCDs i made in 4:3 Pictureformat play normal on the Scott but when i put a 16:9 movie in the player, it plays only on the left side on the TV.My brother also bought the same Player and got the same probs.So i think it`s not a TV fault.

The screen flickers and the right side on the TV is black.Player is connected over a Scart-Cable.

The crazy thing is,when i play a DVD(16:9) one minute,push eject and change the DVD with one of my self made VCDs,they play normal.You can compare this with the Swap-Trick of the Sony Playstation.

So is there anybody who has a tip for me???

Scott Multiplayer 838
Firmware 2.561:confused: