Problems playing dvd



I just upgraded to herrie’s latest firmware. I’m having this problem with the dvd when reading on a Panasonic SCHT 900. It gives a rolling flicker like a casino slot. I used a DVD+R 4x TDK media, before I used memorex 4x DVD-r media which worked. Dunno if its the Dvd image itself or the media, but I played it on my pc dvd player and it works. I was figuring it was PAL format but my dvd player is a universal player so its region free. There an explanation why it does the rolling flicker? Thanks


Hmm I’ve never seen that one before.
You say the DVD-R media worked and the flickering only happens with the TDK DVD+R media?
It could be that your player does not like that specific dye type.
Try some different media types.
You can also check the media compatibility of your standalone player on .


This happened to me and it turned out to be a dodgy scart lead?


ya I’ll see if I can burn another dvd movie and see if it happens on that