Problems playing DVD-Video on S182D



Hi all! Recently i started to regularly watch movies from my computer, but i experienced some problems that are possibly originated in my Samsung SH-S182D SB04 drive.

On some DVDs (doesn’t seem to matter if they are burned or original pressed ones) the video freezes for 1-2 seconds or gets very jerky. When doing a quality check, the discs have usually only a few amount of PI errors/failures and the reading graph in Nero CD Speed is also perfectly smooth.

During these freezes the drive’s LED is not blinking, it seems to me like the drive went idle during the playback, that’s why the jerky movement occurs. :confused:
Have you got any idea what can be the problem ?

Oh, and a second thing:
When reading scratched media the drive always reverts to PIO mode instead of DMA. This is quite annoying, because i often don’t notice that it’s in PIO mode and i start to burn something and the result is usually a coaster. Is this normal behaviour ?

Otherwise i’m satisfied with my S182D, it seems to make good quality burns and also it is able read a lot of scatched discs.


I’ll leave the first question to someone who knows more about it than me (I don’t watch DVDs etc on my PC), but the behaviour you refer to above is indeed normal, for any drive when it encounters x amount of read errors.

Unfortunately, if you read a lot of scratched/damaged discs, all I can recommend is keep checking that it’s still in UDMA mode.



Thanks for explaining this, Arachne.

Any answer for the 1st question ?


I had same problem only in this system configuration:
– Core2Duo E6300 + ECS P4M800Pro-M V2 + single IDE.

This is one of many problems. It is too late for me to return it. :a
If possible, you should return your S182D ASAP.
don’t waste time testing it.