Problems playing DVD and all video files

Hi there, ive probably posted this in the wrong one but hey just hoping someone can help cause this is driving me crazy. I got a new PC, at first DVDs played wasn’t a problem. Then I downloaded Lost and couldnt view them, I have audio but no video. I downloaded Dixv, not luck, tried xvid, g spot to make sure I had the codecs (it detected them) and downloaded VLC player. Then one day I thought I would try again and wayhey it worked, I managed to watch one but then after my computer was shut down didnt work again.

I uninstalled Dixv and reinstalled it then it worked, every time I wanted to watch AVi etc I have to do this. Anyway tonight I put in a dvd and that was the same, just the black screen and audio.

Hm, have you red the forum rules yet? :rolleyes:

Well you probly got a root kit,BUT like chef said READ the ruls.

got the first episodes from channel four, whats a root kit?

chef, I’m not sure if this applies to the original poster, but abc (the network that airs lost) is in the middle of an experimental research project where they make all of their primetime programming available for free online at immediately after airing.

Yes, it’s a difficult one. Some different scenarios are:

A. Making recordings at home from Channel 4 for your own viewing: most likely legal.

B. Downloading someone else’s recordings from a P2P network: most likely NOT legal.

C. AFAICS, free access to ‘Lost’ episodes on the ABC site is via streaming, rather than a conventional download, and has embedded advertising.

To avoid doubt, shall we stick to the legal methods, everyone?

True, more and more content online available, but for streaming, not downloading. A slightly but big difference, in the end. :wink:

Maybe you just should convert your episodes into a dvd video compatible format and enjoy it on the tv.