Problems playing blurays with LG CH08LS10

Hi guys

I have an LG CH08LS10 combo drive for maybe a couple of months now, but had not used it since now. I just rented a couple of blurays from the local store, and I am not able to reproduce them. In PowerDVD 10, I get the error “not-compatible disc detected in drive F” or something.

It is probably not a hardware problem, since I can use DVDFab to rip the bluray to my hard disk, so the drive can actually read the disc. I suppose it is a software problem - or maybe a codec problem. I tried a couple of free bluray players available on-line, but had no luck. I have the Shark007 codec pack installed already.

Any suggestions?

Maybe is a region problem? If I’m not wrong, Blu-ray media too are protected by region.

DVDFab remove also the region lock, so this explain why it works

Hi Geno,

The thing is I have never used the drive before, so it should have like 5 changes left. Besides, the BD is region 2, as I am. Could it be that I have to set it first to a region and then try to play it? But it makes no sense, it should do it automatically through powerdvd.

You can always try to playback the movie from your HDD, but my vote goes to software problem.
I would re install power dvd (or try windvd) and also have the latest drivers from my video card.

In all my drives (but no blu-ray one currently) I never set the DVD region and I was always able to read any disc, so probably drive region is not the problem :doh:

Did you try also VLC player?

What OS are you using?

There have been issues with Xp and PowerDvD 10 and the playback of Blu-ray’s, especially hybrid discs.

Do you have the latest firmware?

Blu-ray security is not static and it is updated from time to time and this means that newer discs may not play.

Blu-ray disc playback requires a secure system that supports HDCP from end to end. Do you meet the requirements?