Problems playing backup DVD on all drives


I’ve been having some problems with backing up my DVD’s. I recently purchased a Dell XPS M140 with a built in SONY DVD RW DW-Q58A recorder. I downloaded DVD Decrypter to rip the DVD’s into an image format and that works fine. For my dual layer media I bought Verbatim DVD+R DL discs. I also booktyped the disc using LiteOn Bit Setting Utility v1.3.5. I ripped and burned the movie Flightplan (at 2.4x) to test it. Now here’s the thing. The movie plays fine in my stand alone burner on top of my TV, no problems whatsoever. But when I try to play it on my computer my Windows XP media says that it only detects a data disc in the drive, not a video disc. I even downloaded DVD Identifier to confirm that the disc was burned as a DVD ROM and not a DVD+R. Here’s what it says:

Disc & Book Type: [DVD+R DL] - [DVD-ROM]

Does anyone have any insight as to why I can’t play the burned disc on my computer?

I appreciate all the help!


Oh one more quick thing, when I burned it, I used DVD Decrypter as well and chose ISO write.


Welcome to cdf. Very nice, concise description of your problem, method and rig. Wish all questions from new members were so well supported. Trouble is, I don’t think you did a darn thing wrong! That pretty much leaves two variables:

  1. Go to sony’s website and make real sure that you have the very latest downloadable, flash firmware for your burner model.

  2. I think Verbatim might have changed their manufacturing supplier or at least their specs lately for their +R DL media. Just a suspicion, but verbs are very well thought of media but, in the last few weeks, I have seen several postings about Verb incompatibilities. Also I seem to remember (not sure if I’ve got this part right :confused: ) that there are two known types of verbs (which are both made in Taiwan). Member Reasonotrules knows the media ID code stuff and will probably pop in to tell you how to determine which ones you are using. I’m not experienced enough in the ID thing to be a reliable souce of info.

Try #1 first because when a disk maker changes specs, it sends the new media info out to all the burner makers, who in turn include the new specs in their firmware updates to stay compatible with the media that is currently on the market shelves. Which leads you back to solution #1 above (if sony updating has reacted to the possible new Verb specs).

If that doesn’t work, switch media to Taiyo Yuden. Or, if you are further advised by other members, buy the other type of Verbs if you can get a hold of them. Buy online if you can’t find them in stores. To the best of my knowlege only these two brands of +R DL media are reliable enough to spend your money on. Avoid all other brands of DL media at this point in time.

But, again #1 has the highest probability of solving your burning issue.

Best regards,

I only know for MKM 001 and MKM 003 in the +R section. Could you post the mid?

Whisperer, thanks for your suggestions. I will look into the updated firmware. Question: what is the danger of damaging my drive by updating the latest firmware? I’ve been reading posts where people warn others against doing this, especially noobs (which I unfortunately am).

Rapidfire, as a “noob”, I didn’t understand what you said.

Thanks to both of you for trying to help me out :slight_smile:

In a bad case the danger would be to the damage your drive, especially if you crossflash it, but not a must be. Usually it should work fine with upgrading, if you’d like to do so be sure to switch off the apps running in the background like antivirus, firewalls etc. and of course choosin the right firmware for your drive!
What i meant is the mediacode of the disc, you can see it if you’re runnin dvdidentifier like MKM 001 for Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x.

Just follow the firmware instructions on the website or in a “read me” that may be part of the download. Don’t worry about “danger” since being able to update your firmware is a major part of having success backing up movies and you have to learn how to do it. Ask a computer savy friend to help you if you feel better about that and watch how it’s done so you can do it in the future.


Ok, will try when I get home from work. Thank you for your help.

Ok, well I figured out what the problem was. For some reason, the DVD would not play on my computer drive after burning unless I closed out DVD Decrypter. Even if I opened the drive, took the DVD out, and put it back in, it still read it as a data DVD. Interesting, never read about that happening in any of the forum threads. But regardless, my backups now work on both my computer and standalone, which I am very happy about. Thanks to both Whisperer1 and rapidfire for their help. I’m sure I’ll be back again with more questions in the future :slight_smile:

Ok, actually one more quick question. My drive can burn up to 8X. If the media is supported is there a greater chance for errors or making a “coaster” if I burn faster? Or it is the same as if I was burning at 2.4X?


if your drive can only burn up to 8x, you won’t be able to achieve burns higher than 8x whether the media is supported or not…

No I know that. I’m just wondering if there’s a benefit to burning a double layer disc at 2.4x rather than at 8x when it is able to. I thought I remember reading someplace that there’s a higher chance for errors or something if you burn at a faster speed.

Recommended is burning at the rated speed for quality media, in case you’ve crap media you should choose a lower speed, and your burner should support 8x writing for DL media if that’s not the case you can only burn them at the lower speed like mentioned 2.4x except some burners can overspeed.

So if I have Verbatim 8x 8.5 DL discs and my burner can burn at 8x speed, then I should be ok? I only ask because I don’t want to be making a lot of ruined discs.

those discs are very new…you’ll be just fine IF your firmware supports the media code of those discs.

even if your firmware does not yet support 8x verbs (what’s the media code on these? I don’t even know), you might be alright…it will burn with a generic write strategy that could end up fine.

Your burner supports only up to 4x for DL media, so you can try it to burn at 4x.
Mid should be MKM 003.

but if his firmware doesn’t yet support this media, he might be better of sticking with MKM 001s. wouldn’t you agree?

That would be the better choice for the next time, absolutely yes. :wink:
@ doveplay
Have a look in the liteon forum, maybe you’ll find there something interesting.