Problems Playing Back DX50/divX - AC3 Video


I have an AVI video clip which will not play back in any player I have tried it in, ie Windows Media Player 9, Real Player, Power DVD5, NeroMix. When inserted into GSpot it gives the following information regarding the clip: VIDEO: Codec: 4CC - DX50/divx, Name - DivX 5.0 xcy - 640x352, Bitrate -1288kb/s, FPS 25.00, Qf - 0.229 bits/pixel. AUDIO: Codec: Name - ac3 (0x2000) Doloby Laboratories, Bitrate - 448 kb/s (5ch) CBR, Fs - 48000 Hz. Direct Show Render: Video Src Type - 4cc: DX50, Audio Src Type- AC3 (0x2000). Video Path : (S) -> AVI splitter -> fddshow MPEG-4 Video Decoder -> ®. Audio Path: (S) -> AVI Splitter -> ffdshow Audio Decoder -> ®. When played in WMP 9 the error come up “Windows Media Player 9 has encountered a problem and needs to shut…”, very little other information is gine. I have ffdshow -20040520 and AC3 Filter installed.

Why does this clip not play back in Windwos Media Player 9 or any of the other players I have tried and what do I need to do to be able to play it back?

Many thanks for your help and attention.

In Gspot go to View->Installed Codecs->Video andm make sure your proper divx codec(s) are installed. You didn’t install a codec pack did you??

Have you tried playing it with Media Player Classic ?

I stopped using Windows Media Player for video years ago. I started using VideoLAN’s VLC video player and I love it for Video files. All needed codex’s come preloaded and no drivers are ever needed!

I do like to use Windows Media Player for my MP3 sound files.