Problems playing back Backed-up DVDs

I have Clone DVD 4.1 and Roxio Basic V9. I back-up my DVDs and burn them without error. The problem is that when I go to playback the DVDs, the DVD starts normal and will play through the previews and the title menu. I can access the special features ect… but as soon as I try and play the actual movie it stops playing and freezes. I have tried to use different types of media and players with no success. I have also tried several diff. movies. The issue only seem to be with the more recent DVDs I have purchased, only movies have no problems… Has anyone else encoutnered this??? By the way I am running windows vista. Thanks for your help.

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Most of times, playback problems are due to a bad burned media.

What discs are you using exactly? What burner? What firmware is installed on the burner? At which speed did you burn?

Clone DVD 4.1 (most probably it is DVD Cloner ver. 4.1, btw)? Don’t be surprised if you use that software.

Try Slysoft’s/Elby’s Clone DVD2 ver. and you will get a result (plus a good medium, like Geno said).

The disc. I am using is HP Double Layer dvd+r 2.x 8.5GB. The burner is HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4048N and I think that I have the most up-to-date firmware. I am using an HP dv9000 series laptop that is about 4 months old. Up until a few weeks I was able to back-up any DVD. Since then I have made no hardware or software changes. Thanks for your help.

Here is the software I am unsing Do you know it?

Use another software and you will be surprised.