Problems playing AUDIO CD on Sony Drive

Hello everybody, newbie here. (I hope I´m posting on the right place and that somebody can help me with this problem)

I have a Sony VAIO VGN-A290F laptop with the factory CD/DVD burner, as I don´t use it very often to play audio cd´s I hadn´t realized that it has problems reading Audio Cds. Everything else seems to work perfect, it reads perfectly Data files and Audio & Video Files like MP3s, MPEGs, AVIs, etc.

The problem is when I insert an Audio CD the drive recognizes and shows the list of tracks, but when I play the CD it only plays the song for 1 or 2 of minutes then the drive starts doing “reading noises” and the music stops, if I try to play another track the same thing happens or some times it doesn´t play at all until I reboot.

Also I can play the tracks with WINAMP or Windows Media Player, but for example Musicmatch doesn´t even recognize the drive

What kind of problem can this be? hardware or software?

I´ve tried the following without success:

  • tried playing different (newer and no scratched) audio cd´s
  • Downloaded and installed the latest optic drive updates
  • Device Manager shows no conflict
  • Reinstalled the driver
  • Uninstalled InCd and Nero 7
  • Shutdown antivirus and Zonealarm
  • Cleaning the CD lens with a dry Q-tip
  • Unisnstalled AnyDVD too

I´m getting a little desperate here and this has become kind of a challenge. If somebody could give me at least a clue of what kind of problem this could be I´d G R E A T L Y appreciate it. THANKS A LOT

I´m also a Vaio owner, but don´t know too much about tech details. One thing I can suggest (based on a recent problem) - have you messed around with anything that could affect pre-installed drivers or utilities?
If so, it´s worth having a look at the Vaio site and download the original utilities… The site has tons of help, useful forums…
I fixed a problem very easily by doing this.