Problems playing a CD-RW made MP3 disc

Hello. I have been having a little issue with playing CD-RW made MP3 disc for a while and it’s driving me nuts not understanding why. When I make an MP3 CD-RW it burns fine (4X) and all files are there. I can play them no problem on my computer’s cd-rom. But when I go to play them in my car which has a Pioneer MP3 player, I have songs that cut out right in the middle and jump tp the next one. It does not do it on all songs, just a handfull of them. Again, they play fine on my computer. Any ideas as to why this might be happening? I have ruled out software since I have tried both Nero, Roxio and NTI CD-Maker and they all do the same thing. The discs I am using are Memorex 4X CD-RW’s.


I’ve never had a Memorex CD-RW that worked correctly. Maxell, TDK, Verbatim, and strangely enough, CompUSA brand have all been great to me, though.

yes i have had CD problems too when burning mp3s. some brands work for me and others dont… my advice would be to try out different cd brands and see what works and what doesnt. my opinion - tdk is the best

Also try burning at a slower speed - that sometimes seems to improve marginal disks.


I’ve been very pleased with Verbatim’s CD media. For Cd-R I like the Pastels & Super AZO & for CD-RW Hispeed 8x-12x.

By what you describe, it seems to be a problem with your car player. Specifically, cutting out in the middle of only some songs and passing to the next is a sign of bad (or inexistent) support for variable bit rate files.
Even early versions of Windows Media Player suffered from this; the program would cheerfully tell you you were five minutes into a three minute song, but at least it didn’t stop playing. Dedicated mp3 players sometimes aren’t even that smart…
Try recompressing those songs in constant bit rate and see if the problem goes away.

Im with fallingwater. Its probably the variable bitrate. What you might also try doing is using different disks. if that doesnt work, try a cd-r. your car cd player might not play cd-rw that well. ive run into some systems that play cd-r pefrectly and have tons of problems with cd-rw and some dont play them at all. in my opinion cd-r are better all around because cd-rw take more time to burn, take lots of time to erase, easily get scratched and have to be trashed, and can easily get errors on them and also have to be trashed. just find a good deal of 50 cd-r for like $8. its worth the time and hassle in the end.

The problem is with the player. They are made so you can’t listen to music from cd rw discs. Try using Alcohol, go to options>select emulation>select to ignore media type so that your player will not recognize it as a RW.

Good luck

…So, you’ve installed Alcohol 120% on a car CD player?

This could be the case too. My cd/mp3 player works flawlessly with cdr, but takes about a minute to read the TOC of a cdrw when it’s inserted (then it plays it just fine, though)
This raises the question of why car cd players, which are often quite expensive, especially if you get the pre-installed versions, aren’t built to the standards of even cheap portable cd/mp3 players that can usually read just about anything you throw at them (this definitely includes rewritable discs).

in my opinion cd-r are better all around because cd-rw take more time to burn, take lots of time to erase, easily get scratched and have to be trashed, and can easily get errors on them and also have to be trashed

I beg to differ. If you are using them in a car, it’s safe to assume you have some place where to keep the discs in at least some kind of protective cover. If you do that, rewritables will last for ages.
How can you say they take lots of time to erase? It takes all of 30 seconds for a bog standard 12x disc.
I don’t think they get scratched any easier than cdrs, and even if they do develop the occasional defect they are still perfectly suitable for use in a mp3 player, unless of course you’ve put them through so much abuse they have loads of glitches. Plus, I’ve found repeated full erasing tends to cure playback errors. It’ll take a while, but if you’ve got a burner that’s not doing anything it’ll beat shelling out for new discs.