Problems opening licence key after purchasing programs

Hello, I was hoping someone could please help me out, I’m new to the backing up thing and purchased AnyDVD & CloneDVD but when they emailed me the attachments and links to the licence keys I can not open them. I’m worried that when my 21 day free trial is up I would have wasted my money. The message I get when I try and open them is:



ok! Please restart anyDVD!

I’ve tried saving them to my harddrive and everything.

Otherwise I can’t open the file as there is no program association linked with it.

Can anyone please help, I’ve had no luck with the assistance of the company I bought the programs from, they say to install the trial version, but I’ve done that and still can not obtain my licence keys…

Please HELP…

Download to the desktop or whatever then double click each key to register what this does is put the info in the registery so the trial will show you paid and not use a trial mode ect…

Thanks for replying so fast, I’ve now done that, and when I open the programs it doesn’t give me the speil about the trial finishing in how ever many days, can I safely assume that I am now registered as purchasing the product??

Thanks again, your a gem.

yep that’s all there is to it.

if you don’t get the “X number of days left in your trial” message then you’ve properly registered the program.

slysoft was right when they told you to install the trial software…youinstall the trial then double click the file they gave you.

be absolutely sure to back up your key files as you may need them in the future if your computer crashes or you have to do a clean reinstall. (That means back them up NOT on your computer…back them up onto a CD, a floppy, somewhere that a computer issue won’t cause you to lose it.