Problems opening ANYDVD HELP!



Well the thing goes like this…I installed the latest version of ANYDVD but I think i didn´t run the crack when i first used so my 21 days expired and then the messages appears, so i ran the crack but then when i tried opening anydvd again a message keeps appearing at my screen it says something like

c:\Program files\Slysoft\AnyDvD\AnyDvD.exe is not a Win32 valid application

i have tried installing older versions, and when i open them the message appears the one that says your trial version has expired…until I run the crack or try to enter a key then the error appears…help!


You admit to attempting to try to crack AnyDVD? Good then, it didn’t work.


Plus if you read the rules during the sign up you’d know we don’t help on this either. :cop:


Help you say? Sure, visit Slysoft’s Website and buy the damn program!


i would if i had money thats the real big deal! and i didnt made the crack i just downloaded it, believe me if i had money i would…


Alan will deal with this then.


There are free alternatives. DVD Fab and RipIt4Me work well.


who´s alan?


A moderator.


Dear antic19: I guess you did not read the rules when you joined the forum. I am sorry for that.:cop: