Problems on reading Media

I got problems with 4x DVD+RW from Speer,
my friend burns with NEC 1300a and I can´t read some files on the disk - not on my Toshiba 1612 DVD-Rom and also not on my Lite-On DVDRW-411s (newest Firmwareupdate) what else can we do to solve this problem ?

Probably not much. I would think the media is really crappy and has lots of errors. The reason he might be able to read it on his drive is that the drive that burnt the disc usually has better luck reading it.

You could always try updating the firmware on your drives and see if that helps, but there is a decent chance it won’t.

Yes now I know the reason why I can´t read the Disc - hehe
I examined the surface and I saw huge grooves like them on a Vinyl-LP - :smiley: