Problems making backup of a backup

Background: I have two children that have a dvd player in there own rooms, so every time I buy a childrens DVD I make a backup for each and I put away the original. I burn the original on my Lite-on 812s using a fuji film dvd-r 8x ty02 disc. When I attempted to burn a backup from the backup with my other burner NEC 1300a it would fail at 94% to 98% all the time (using decryptor). This happened with four different movies. I’m using the latest firmwares, no virus scanners or screensavers are active. The original backups play flawlessly. What can it be ? always fails towards the end !!

When trying to do a backup of a backup simply use nero and disable “on the fly” protection removers like anydvd or similar.

Secondly, why don’t you backup your original once again…

Maybe because he will have to compress it again with the backup he will not…

@ anthony b Are you reading\burning in iso mode with decryptor because that is best to make a backup of a backup…

Surely, but I have some issues with this…concerning the legal part, depends on where he lives.

  1. I burn using iso files.
  2. I own everything I burn
  3. In this case I had deleted the compressed copy on my hard drive and didn’t want to go through the shrinking process again.
  4. It’s mostly out of curiosity to determine if it’s a media issue (so I could discontinue buying them) or if its the way my Lite-on burns at the outer edges of the media.

Maybe a media issue, you could try other media. Nevertheless, are you using any protection removers ? I used to have some trouble in backing up unprotected stuff, when using anydvd or dvddecrypter…

@ Anthony_b One of the reasons it is failing at 94% or 98 % is may be because the back-up DVD you are using holds just a small amount of more data then the one your new back-up is going onto and it runs out of room before it finishes. If you want to back-up a back-up the easiest and best way is to use Clone DVD and treat the back-up as if it was a original DVD and it will make a image file to the size of your new DVD you are burning it on to and that way it should burn till the end . :slight_smile:

If you are using DVD-R or DVD-RW you might consider this:

The blank discs have already had the leadin (TOC) portion already written at the replication factory. This leadin indicates that the disc is completely full. When you burn data to the discs, a new leadin is written in a different place and indicates what the true size is.

It is possible that your drive or the software you are using is reading the wrong leadin data. This would cause your burns to fail because it is trying to read more data from the disc than is actually present.

I don’t believe DVD+R/+RW has this pre-written leadin.

Interesting point “I don’t believe DVD+R/+RW has this pre-written leadin”.
I have a Liteon and have burned several backups with backups and never had a problem. I have always used, and will continue to use DVD+.

But then again I have always used coathi’s suggestion of:
“If you want to back-up a back-up the easiest and best way is to use Clone DVD and treat the back-up as if it was a original DVD and it will make a image file to the size of your new DVD”.
I never had a coaster with this method and I always use quality media (mostly TY).


I must be missing something here - why not just use disc copy in Nero - making sure that you burn -R to -R and +R to either -R or +R medias?

Works for me-


The problem is that I can’t get the image to the hard disk becuase it always fails towards the end.

In that case I would be trying ISO Buster from here I should work even if the disk has errors on it :slight_smile:

It might be quicker to just recompress off the original. Iso buster is great if your original is damaged (I actually managed to save some of the video files off of a cracked disk using it) but it can be slow when dealing with errors. Also you are probably going to get a beter copy from the original than trying to read a disk that has read problems. I have had the same thing happen with original, pressed disks. It can fail in the middle of the process if the disk has damage/scratches in that area.

I’ll be using the original from now on. The error was just bugging me so much. I wanted to identify the source (hardware or media). I then took the same disk to my brothers house and I was able to back it up with his NEC2500A…Could it be that his drive is a better reader than my old 1300a?

That or maybe its a compatibility issue. Maybe your nec doesn’t read the particular media well or perhaps it doesn’t like the way the liteon has burned it. You could alway take one of the disks that the nec didn’t like (that was originally burned on the liteon if I understand right), and try to use the liteon drive to copy it. I would try that, just to see if it works. I still think that you are beter copying off the original. Making a copy of a copy will introduce read errors from the first time it was burned (copys usally dont read quite as well as original pressed disks) plus more errors from the new burn. I would think you would get beter quality using the original. If you do try the liteon, let us know if it works?

1300A were not good readers
2500 considered to be poor readers by some users.Mine seems OK but mainly use Liteon DVD-Rom for all the ripping/reading.
If the 2500a reads all the discs the 1300A wont read its down to the poor readability of the 1300A.

This would suggest you’re trying to create an image file on your hard drive eg *.iso/img. If this is the case and you’re using the FAT32 file system you won’t be able to do it as a dvd-r/+r holds more that the largest file size that fat32 will accomodate.
I could be mis-understanding the issue here though & making myself look stupid.

I’ve just tried DVD Decrypter in ISO mode to a FAT32 drive & depending on the file splitting options it will either create 3 files of 4gb (fat32 limit) , a continutaion file and an mds file (auto splitting) or it fails just like yours did, with ‘not enough space on disc’, if “none” is the file split option.

After a good nights sleep , I would recommend the following steps:-

  1. In DVD Decrypter change the ISO read mode file splitting settings to auto, ensure that “Create MDS” is checked & DVD+rw capacity is set to “file system”
  2. Decrypt the DVD using ISO read mode
  3. Burn the image using DVD Decrypter picking up the MDS file (equivalent to a cue file)

Decryptor would not read the disk past 97%…