Problems making a backup of "the oc"


i just bought the first season of “the oc” (german version) on ebay, but the dvds have many scratches so i want to make backups.

i tried to skrink them but at 43% it stops the analysis. also tried decrypter, anydvd and region+css free (or how it’s called), but nothing worked. i was able make a backup of one dvd without any probs.

does anyone know something about the protection and how to make a backup?

thanks for your help!

Have you tried the AnyDVD ripper?

i just tried to rip with anydvd ripper. first i get a read-error and (after ignoring the error) the speed goes down to 0.

any other suggestions?

It could be that the disc is just too badly scratched to be read by your burner. You could try ISOBuster - but at the end of the day if the scratches are that bad nothing will help you.

If you are certain that it is the scratches that are causing your problems you could try to polish out the scratches, but I would always leave that as an absolute last resort.

ok, i’ll try isobuster. but i don’t think the scratches are causing the errors. the shrink-analysis stops at 43% on any dvd, so it’s the copy protection.

i now tried nero recode and it seems to work :slight_smile: the analysis ran without any probs, im ripping at the moment…i’ll post later if it was successful. thank you for your help!!

nero recode doesn’t decrypt at all so that doesn’t make any sense if you said it’s due to copy protection. do you have anydvd running in the background? because that likely would have worked with any program.

and the prior advice is right…if it’s stopping due to scratches, there’s very little that can be done. you can do a search on here for “resurfacing” if you’re still having problems…

yes, i had newest anydvd running in the background when i tried to analyze with dvd shrink. i don’t know if it was the copy protection or something else, but it always gave me a reading error with shrink at the same position. now, with anydvd and recode i can compress so files to 4,4gb so they fit on a DVD-5.