Problems loading PC after WinXP installation



Hi Guys,

I managed to get hold of a IBM Think Centre S50 desktop PC, formatted the C: drive and tried installing WinXp. The installation worked well till 42%, and when auto restarted, the computer appeared with the IBM screen and then just powers down. I tried re-booting many times, but it would just switch off.
After opening the cover and removing the battery for a while, installation continued till the end, but everytime now the PC is booted, I get the IBM screen, then error message saying "press F1 to continue or F2 to enter set-up.
If F1 is pressed to continue, the computer just powers down, won’t login to windows. F2 takes me in BIOS and thats all.

Any ideas why Win XP just wont auto load from HDD direct for me (set correct in bios)? I have installed XP many times, but 1st time come across this.
Do i need any sort of bios update or serial 80a ATA driver for the chipset to make it work?

Any help will be much appreciated.
Thank you


The reason know that it goes to the f1 or f2 is that you reset your bios so it is not going to the C drive at startup. Find the option in the bios to set it to boot off c drive. You also will have to reset other parts of the bios to get the computer to work right but setting it to boot off c drive should get it to where you can load xp.

I just notice you said you had it set to boot off the c drive so there must be another problem like it is not seeing the drive check for bios for Ide controllers and make sure they are inabled

this site might help


Thanks Samlar.
Will check BIOS today. I know i have it to start from Hard drive, but not sure what other settings to change.
Thanks for the help and link, appreciated