Problems loading CD's

I am fairly new to the forum, and apologize if this has already been asked. I have 2 games that I would like to back-up using clone-cd. I manage to image them, following all the advice given. The back-ups are able to install the game, but when I try to run them, they just lock the system up at the loading screen (when you start a game it normally comes up with a picture while it is loading from the CD). Can anyone help, as I have tried using Nero, Clone CD and many other programs but to no avail. They all copy though, as I have said.
Dan :frowning:

Oh! If you need to know, my burner is a Yamaha.

After reading past posts, I can see that I might have to enable the hid CDR media in the tray, but it does not give me the option to do so! Could you help please!?

The option to hide the CD-R media is not available in the US or the UK due to legal issues… But this option will only help you to bypass the so-called ATIP-protection so I doubt it will help you… Are you running the game from a normal CD-ROM? If so this option won’t help you.

Please let us know which game you’re trying to copy.

Thanks for the reply. I am trying to copy black and white + max payne. The thing is, in either drive, the game will just stall when it tries to load from the cd that I have copied. It must recognize it though, because it does not say ‘‘please insert correct cd-rom’’. :confused:

That’s because these games are SafeDisc 2 protected which your Yamaha cannot handle. However the Yamaha can make a working backup (well there have been succesfull reports) if you copy the game with Amplify Weak Sectors on during writing of the image. But again this option isn’t available in the US/UK so you’ll need to find a sollution for this. Try the tool on It’s normal the game crashed and doesn’t give the “please insert the correct CD-ROM” with SafeDisc 2. It will most of the time create an error in a tmp file.