Problems @ Layer Break

I’m using ripit4me to make backups of Futurama disks. I have done two so far and on each one, when I try to play the third of five episodes, the player stops altogether. I’ve tested on three seperate DVD players, happens on all of them at the third episode, I’m guessing this is having problems with the layer break? I rip to VIDEO and AUDIO directories from ripit4me (latest), then burn using Nero Express, latest version. I’m using Verbatim +R DL disks on my BenQ DW1650 and booktyping to DVD-ROM because my panny will not play DVD+R format otherwise.

Verbatim +R DL + Ripit4me/Decrypter + Imgburn (use mds file)

Easier/mindless, faster method (but more expensive) = Verbatim +R DL + Anydvd + Clonecd

What is the easiest way to do this? Use Wizard Mode in RIPIT4ME, then select ISO when DVDDecrypter pops up?

Yes. You’ll be wanting to produce a mds file as well (under ISO Read Mode in Decrypter). Then you need to load the mds file into Imgburn and burn.

What is the easiest way to do this?

Have Anydvd running in the background and use Clonecd. No ripping to the hard drive first . . . Just takes a couple of clicks. (After changing the booktype first, if your burner can’t be set to do this automatically). You can even burn on the fly using this method.

Seems to be working fine, but it is telling me when I burn in IMGBURN that the layer break is not optimal. Strange, because the first time I did it popped up a menu and gave me a choice for the layer break, but have burned 3 with the not optimal warning and they seem to be fine. Thanks.