Problems installing Vista x64 with LG GSA-H10A

I’m having an issue when trying to install the x64 version of Vista Ultimate (final release, from MSDN)

I will get to the screen that allows me to choose install, recovery, or information. So the drive is working, until Vista tries to install and then gives an error that it can not find the driver for the CD/DVD drive.

I have not tried to install the x86 version yet, because I would have to reinstall XP in order to download a copy of that from MSDN and burn it, but I may test that if I get no results.

LG doesn’t actually provide any drivers, which typically aren’t needed, they just provide firmware updates.

Obviously this probably isn’t the best place to look for tech support, I am just trying to do some research before I take my issue to the MSDN newsgroups to see if anyone else had a problem, not had this problem, or maybe even fixed it.

The first bit of information to collect is has anyone had success installing Vista on a computer using this drive? Specifically the x64 version, but if you have gotten success with the x86 version please post and note which version you got it to work yet.

If you have had the same issue with the x86 version please reply so that I can try to figure out if it is only an issue with x64.

And lastly, if you have tried the x64 bit version with a similar drive from LG please post the model number and weather or not it worked or failed.

If I can work out anything with, hopefully, some more test cases from other people here I will try to solve this issue and report back.


I’m having the exact same problem and couldn’t find a solution yet. I have both a HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H10A and HL-DT-ST-DVDRAM GSA-H42L and neither one of them is picked up as a writer.

What firmware version are you using there is new firmware for this drive LL12. Is it possible that this fixes the problem ?