Problems installing NERO!



Hi all,

Im new here … so please be kind :]

ok … im having major problems with installing nero.

I cant install ANY version of nero

I get 2 dll files error (with all versions) :
Cannot create Common Files\AudioPlugins\mp3PRO_hlp.dll
Cannot create Nero\NeMP3Hlp.dll

I had nero installed before this … but i just bought a BENQ dw1620 DVD writer … and tried installing the NERO version came along … but since thn i cant install any version of nero.

I tried reading previous threads … but no one found the solution (or if they found they dint shared)

Please please please help me.

I know this is not the most active section on the forums … but i hope someone can help me.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


@ shockw4ave
Welcome:). Try to run the Nero clean tools, then try to install Nero. Let us know if this works for you.


Hi please :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply

I tried Nero clean tools as u suggested … but it dint work :frowning:

please help



@ shockw4ve
Did you uninstall the previous version of Nero, as well as all other burning software using the clean tools to uninstall, then run the driver cleaner and registry checker, then reinstall the newer version of nero? If you did, then check this link and see if anything there helps you out.
It is possible your install disc is bad, you may have to contact nero. Let us know how it goes.


I suppose that after uninstalling one version & running clean etc that you could try deleting all the Nero (Ahead) directories within Program Files. Maybe something’s got a read only attribute set.


Thanks Please and TimC for replying

However … the problem is still not solved :frowning:

i hv tried every possible ways to install it … but it gives same error :frowning:

help :[


@ shockw4ve
according to this thread , try turning off your anti-virus and/or firewall.