Problems installing Nero 6



Hello, first time visitor needing help. I recently installed a Plextor PX-740A drive and software. The Nero installation failed. I got a Nero web engine has encountered a problem and needs to close. This occurred both in Nero 6 and Nero media player. I tried the express install and by each componet.
I also have some Nero components from 5.5 and earlier in registry and C-drive that have not been removed, tried to reload 5.5 and it would not load said there was an earlier version of Nero on my machine. Need Help!


Uninstall all Nero versions, use the Nero cleantool too.
Then restart and install the latest Nero version.


I had the same problem when reinstalling Nero 6 Ultra in XP. Microsoft acknowledge that the problem is related to XP SP2, see They don’t offer a solution, but eventually I managed to run the setup file under compatibility mode for Windows 98/ME (set under file Properties, Compatibility tab) and then re-run it in normal mode to obtain full functionality. :cool: