Problems installing Microsoft Office Pro 2007

I am trying to install the Office 2007 program onto my HP desktop. I was told that I should delete any earlier versions of this program off my hard drive. I think I might have accidently deleted something I needed in order to install the 2007 version. I think this because now when I insert the cd it gives me the following error “setup could not find any available products to install”. However, I have used this exact same cd to install office 2007 to my laptop and a friends laptop. (I am in the USAF by the way, and we are given take-home versions of office to install on our computers in order to access work from home. I am not disobeying copy-right laws ;)) Please help!!!

Do you happen to know what was previously installed? That would be something to first know. Also did they give you the reboot cds so you can reboot the laptop to factory settings and then uninstall the previous office install and then install office 2007. Maybe you should also contact your USAF IT department as they most likely know the setup and should be able to help you with your problem install. Computers and installs act and perform differently from computer to computer even if they have the same setup and hardware. Also it look like your computer might need to be update possibly or needs to be rebooted to clean up any missing files or corrupted files. Since there is no info about your desktop there not much help for it right now. Details and much info is needed to find and fix problem without that it’s shooting in the dark.

thanks for the reply! not sure what was wrong with the previous 2007 installation disk I tried but they gave me a complete different version of the office program and for some reason this one worked. oh well…lol. thanks for the help anyways!