Problems installing Mandrake Linux 8.2 on Asus P4T533C

I can’t install the mandrake 8.2 in my system. When the setup starts and i must select one of the options, if i move my mouse (to any direction) the pointer moves to the top right corner and does not move anymore. Then the an error of missing memory appears…:frowning: .
As you can see in my signature i have rambus PC800 (2x 128Mb kingston, no-ecc, 16bit).
Actually the first time i did installed the linux (i may had other bios settings) but it was not stable and i tried to reinstall it.
Could be the version of mandrake is old? Have you installed mandrake 8.2 or 9 in a system with an Asus P4T533C or in a rambus system in general?
The mobo has the latest bios.

You’re not the only one with these problems. I’ve seen Mandrake 9 with stability issues on several older machines too. Mandrake 8.1 & 9 freezes just before the selction of packages in Setup on a Pentium 200MMX PC and the mouse sometimes goes crazy. I haven’t seen any memory errors though. :confused:

On my PII 400MHz PC, Mandrake 9 installs fine, but totally freezes totally (GUI or console mode) when I insert any CD into the Samsung CD recorder drive. I reported these issues to Mandrake support during the beta stage, but they are still there in 9 final. Luckily I have satellite http/ftp filefetch to get the ISOs. I gave up with the issues and changed to Redhat 8. :wink:

Well, today, after playing with bios settings i managed to install mandrake fine. I can’t tell which setting caused the problem, maybe the plug & play os.