Problems Installing Mafia OH GOD--Please HELP

I am not able to install mafia…during install it just hangs at the end of disc one, i tried my other cd rw to install, but it hangs during disc 2. I am sure my cd rws have trouble reading the content, as if i play the ‘bad’ files they are all choppy and mesed up. How can I get around this? MY sony cdrw has no firmware or driver updates…I BOUGHT THIS GAME…and think I may need to burn it to play it. I burned a copy of disc one on clonecd 4, but it hangs at the vaery end of the disc!!!

More information on your system configuration would be helpful…including OS

And especially your writer and MODEL. Mafia uses the SafeDisc 2 protection (v2.70.030) and you need a writer that can handle this protection. When playing from your writer make sure you have enabled ‘Hide CDR Media’ in the CloneCD tray. More information on Mafia here by PaRaDoX.

Eeh just read your thread more closely and I see the game won’t even install. Have you tried installing from the original discs? Then make a back-up and use these discs to play with. Also try using some other media if you can. Lower your write speed perhaps?

im gonna guess hes using the sopny crx185 model writer bc i have the same one and its the only sony one without any firmware updates available (it will not even accept a flash of the correct liteon firmware with mtkflash) i had no problem copying mafia with it. the first part of the disc is full of errors but clone cd (with the help of clony) ripped it fine and so did blindread. i do have to use a regualr cd reader to play the games but only bc my cdr seekms to refuse to recognize disc that it burned itself for some reason thanks for the great firmware sony…not (insert raised finger of ur choice here) the discs read fine though on every other wirter ive tried including an ancient 2x burner (its a shame its so slow bc i actually get along with it better than this sony peice of #@$%.) try picking up a cheap cd reader and it should fix everything