Problems installing HP 8250i under Win2K

Hi, i recently upgraded from Win98SE to Win2K Pro. I have an HP 8250i burner. When I try to install from the installation disk, I get this message…“Install Assistant could not find a suitable IDE controller for the HP CD Writer Plus.” I can read cds from my HP drive but I can’t burn anything and that is what happens when I try to install the software. Can someone please help me? Thanks!

Use NERO for burning, it doesn’t require windows drivers because it has it own!

Hey, thanks for the quick reply…I’m trying to burn mp3’s into audio cd format, where I used to convert them to wavs first and then use Easy CD creator to make them into audio cds. How do you do this with Nero and where can you get it? A friend of mine suggested Nero also.

You shouldn’t have to convert your mp3s to wav format 1st to burn them to an audio CD format unless your using a really old version of Easy CD Creator; check for updates for it at As far as you not being able to burn CDs is probably because you need to get ASPI drivers and install them. Since you have Easy CD Creator you can install the Adatec ASPI driver. You can get it at You will also find Nero here. If the Adaptec ASPI won’t install, look for Force ASPI at cdrsoft and use that to install the ASPI drivers. Nero has a wizard that will make it easy for you to make an audio CD out of mp3s, and you won’t have to convert them, Nero does it automatically. Just drag and drop your mp3s and burn.

You rahter make wav’s of your mp3’s using winamp or so! Then you boot nero, in the wizard you choose for audio and simply drag the wav’s to the cd. After that, click burn!


Thanks guys for your help. I downloaded Nero and and now dragging mp3’s straight over for burning, sweet, it even seems almost twice as fast as Easy CD Creator!

Thats true Nero is faster than Roxio, due to the fact that Roxio adds a bunch of bs (better known as bloatware) into the software.