Problems installing Alcohol v1.9.5 build 4327

Tried to upgrade build 4212 to latest 4327, removed old version as asked in the upgrade process but at 1 point asked me to reboot PC. Was working something else @that time so posponed reboot process. Later rebooted PC and tried to resume install process but only got a message telling me I need to reboot. Rebooted 100’s time nothing helps :frowning: I can install any version below 3105 build but nothing above :(:frowning: I got only the message in the pic :frowning: Any ideeas ?
Thnx in advance for any hint :wink:

Yes, use a legal version.

This is the exact same post you posted over in Alcohol-Soft forums.

It was locked for using an Illegal version. In that post you have claimed if you can get it to work then you will purchase, however you have been a member of the forums there for quite some time (November 02) and have indicated that you can install any version prior to 3105 and have not purchased even though these earlier versions worked fine…