Problems In Reading With Nec 2500a AM NEW HELP MEE

When i burn something on a DVD it burns with no errors but when am reading the data again i get the “Cylinder Error” or something like that … i put the DVD in my laptop and it reads perfect and everything… i am using some cheap TUFFDISC dvd’s i dont know if thats the problem but what i dont understand is that why is my laptop reading it perfectly and my DVD drive cant :S

I Replied My Self Cos Am Going Down The List Of New Posts :stuck_out_tongue: I Dont Know What To Do Shal I Flash It Or Wat

Crap discs or crap burn.

CRC ERRORs, avoid them.

Besides that, this burner is a crappy reader!

chef is right. It is a great burner, I have only found one brand it will not burn, but for reading poor discs it is not too good. Do you mean “Cycle redundancy error”? Tuff disc are known as crap. Why is this in firmware anyway?

sorry i never knew what to put this under … i thought that i woulld put it here incase i need to update the firmware no its not cycle rendundancy error it said something similar what dvds are recomemded that are cheap… maybe a few websites

i was curious what if i installed the new firmware will there be any difference…i found a flash bios that will allow me to burn dual layer i dont have the link because the sites not working i have never flashed anything before i have no experience but i want to learn how it works. the instructions say all them long things like changing ide ports and that is that really necessary?

You mean the 2500 > 2510 crossflash. is currently n/a because our main server moves to another place.

Check Herrie’s site: