Problems in Mozilla/Netscape 6



Have you tried this site and forum in Mozilla or Netscape 6 browser. It just doesn’t work right. Layout on the main page is wrong, menu doesn’t work, it’s almost impossible to use forum. Could you please correct the mistakes and make the page and forum more standards compliant? Keep up the excellent work with the news.


Netscape 4.7 has no problems with this forum, but it does with the main site, slightly.

I think if you use as the link to our mainpage some problems are solved. Don’t ask me why, but it worked for me in Netscape 4.7 at my university.


I tried and it is no different. Still get the same problems.


You can try this one:
You will find Netscape 6.1 on it.


Netscape 6.1 is based on Mozilla code and right now (well not when visiting this page) I’m using Mozilla 0.9.3 so I have a newer version.


I thought Netscape gave up on their development of Netscape?

Personally I prefer MSIE over Netscape any day, especially from a webdeveloper’s point of view…


Netscepe never said anything about stopping the development of their browser.
And if you develop pages you should prefer Mozilla/Netscape 6+ as they support standards much better then IE does. If you are coding pages to look good in IE it’s most likely they do not follw standards of W3 Consortium.