Problems in Burning a DVD in XP and Vista

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I’m facing a very strange and new problems I had a few “imations” RW DVD with some data burned into it from my work place. Now once I insert the DVD into the drive, my Windows XP recognises it as a CD drive and the information shown is size 0 bytes Free 0 bytes. I’m nevertheless able to burn the DVD by 3rd party S/W, but I’m unable to read those DVD’s. Any suggestions to get around with this problem???



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Did you use some specific software to write these RW media at the work place? Maybe something like InCD or other packet writing software?

Can you read these discs at the work place or are them unreadable also there?

If you can still read the discs at the work place, I suggest to recover all data as soon as possible, before the disc becomes completely unreadable.

Maybe you can use a software like ISOBuster to recover as much data as possible from the disc.

If you need a rewritable device to move data from the workplace to home, the best solution currently is an USB pendrive. These days there are 8 GB models available at a nice price, and you can move a lot of data with better safety.

Moreover, a pendrive can be written/re-written much more times than a DVD RW disc.