Problems i'm having with DVD's

Noticed these specs on the backs of the DVD+R’s when sold to me.
The specs are actually into the DVD theyre inside and can only be seen at a certain angle.
Done loads of burnso n them anyway with a power writer being the BenQ 1620.
Obviously the drive to the standalone DVD DivX Player is going to be weaker.
Anyway after the burn i flicked through the video to find a load of blockiness, tried it again and the blockiness didn’t happen.
I can only its these specs on the back of the DVD-R’s.
The top of the pack DVD-R was the worst affected by them.
My worry is over time will it degrade so much that even playing them off a powerful drive like a BenQ 1620 this will start happening in the same bit of that video again?
If it did would copying it back to the PC be ok and it would work ok then?
I was wondering if apart from the comparison programs (Like Beyond Compare) there’s maybe another bit of software to tell me i have no DATA corruption on the DVD -R.
Do you think that the DVD Writer will always be able to read the DVD-R’s one hell of a lot better than a drive to a standalone dvd player?

This is TY Media (DVD+R)