Problems hearing audio on 106?



I bought a 106D the other day. After installation, CD’s play fine and DVD’s play fine EXCEPT I can’t hear anything from the DVD. I can see but I can’t hear. I am using WinDVD. The Pioneer is connected to a Soundblaster Live! with the analog connection. I have another CD burner connected to the same sound card with the digital connection. I have checked the web, did various configurations on the sound controls, nothing. Can anybody help or at least point me in the right direction?


DVD audio doesn’t go through the analog out, only CD audio. Your DVD software is responsible for decoding and outputting the audio. Make sure you have everything turned on in your mixer.


Ok, so should WinDVD be responsible for decoding the audio or should the software for the SoundBlaster Live! be decoding the audio? In other words, where is the control mixer? This is driving me nuts!:frowning:


Ok fixed the problem. I downloaded a trial version of PowerDVD and everything works. Maybe WinDVD just doesn’t like my computer:p