Problems Getting Refund/Exchange

I bought a 1GB DDR Memory chip from CCL. I installed it in my computer and then games started crashing etc. I ran MemTest and got 13 errors. I took the old memory out and left my old memory in and everything ran fine.

I took the new memory back to CCL where they ran some tests on it and said there was nothing wrong with it.

They are now refusing to give me a refund due to this. It cost me close to £100 and I am not letting that go as why do I want a chip in my computer which makes it crash.

I offered to exchange it for a different brand of memory chip but they also refused to do this.

Any help guys?

I don’t know how things work across the pond, but here we would print out the error messages and send the part to the manufacturer after getting an RMA. Include a letter about the problem with the seller. Memtest does not mess up, especially if you set it up for multiple tests.

I just drove to their offices to demand a refund and pointed out that I’d only had it for 3 days and I am legally entitled to a refund but now they are saying there is a crease on the paper in the packaging and they won’t be able to re-sell it, so can’t refund me.

Have you tried to print out the mem test and use that.Ask for a manager if not store manger and so on. If it was me and the way it sounds me personally i would make a scene infront of everybody but I may be able to get away with more here. Try to straiten out the paper? Use an iron on it like you are ironing cloths. I know it sounds weird but it may work. Just use a thin cloth over it so you dont burn it

If using a mem test print out and straiting the paper dont work, go through the manurfactor.

Good luck. Hope it all works out for you