Problems getting pictures off disc



I have a “Disc” (Pengo) that I backed up my personal files on (family pictures) at my last job. When I try to “Import” it I get a “Disc is Formatted wrong for Windows XP” message…I copied it off “Windows XP” and am trying to import it onto the “Windows XP” program on my personal Computer…I have done this many times in the past but never run into this??..Any Suggestions?? or Idea’s??..I know I’m more then likely to be looking at something “Dumb as a Box of Rocks”…but I’m having a brain Fa@t …Please help…M :confused:


Just a quick note:…This really is my “Personal Files” from my old PC at work…No “Funny Stuff” ( although there was a “Web Dude” who might have put the “MOJO” on my files…Irreplaceable pic’s of my life and kid…There has to be a way to recover???Please???..M:bigsmile:


Have you tried Isobuster?


I fear I may have offended or been ungrateful…For this I apologize…My question goes to the "recovery of Data that windows says is “Formatted Wrong” ???..How can “Windows” not talk to “Windows”???..Same “OS” (XP)…both clean…Download done onto :“CD” Windows won’t accept it…“CD Formatted Wrong” is message…what nefarious hell have I gotten into now???..It’s a “Clean DownLoad” on a New Disc and never been “Imported” before…???:confused:


What program did you use to write the data to the disk? Did you try using Isobuster? There is a free trial period.


[B]@ridgerunner91:[/B] Please be patient. You will get some help but this is not an instant messenger service.

Unfortunately, unless you try the data recovery program suggested by [B]Whappo [/B]above, we are probably not able to go much further until you tell us exactly how you made the disc (for example we need to know what “Pengo” is).