Problems getting DVD games to work


Here’s my problem, The Sims 2 The Pets expansion pack is on DVD, and it’s protected by Safedisc 4.60.000.

How do I, either, make a DVD copy, or make an image in Alcohol 120% Version 1.9.5 (Build 4521) that will play, and not come back to me, saying “Please insert The Sims 2 Pets disc and select Ok to retry”, which it is doing at the moment. It’ll install ok from a image created and mounted in Alcohol, but just won’t play.

I’m not bothered which it is, Dvd OR image that has to be mounted and run in Alcohol 120% or 50%, as I have both.

I have 2 DVD writers on my PC, but no DVD or Cd rom (an Aopen DUW 1608/ARR and a Sony DVD RW DRU-510A), and I’m using a Trial version of 120% downloaded earlier today, at the moment, and I also downloaded the free version of 50%, at the same time.

If I can find a way of making this work (if it’s possible!), and can find a way of saving myself the price of a new copy of this game every 3 DAYS, since it’s release ( due to a teenager who couldn’t care less about who is paying for these games, therefore doesn’t take care of things, and the disc gets scratched beyond use in this time - he has ADHD and Aspurgers Syndrome, plus other illnesses, which means he is EXTREMELY volatile and violent at the drop of a hat), Then I will most definately purchase the full retail version of 120%, and save myself a whole load of cash, and possibly his mothers and my sanity.

Is it possible for me to use alcohol to save money and sanity, not just with The Sims 2 Pets, but other games on DVD too? Can somebody help please?


Currently, you cannot make a physical backup of Safedisc protected DVDs. Though it’s something being worked on. As for an image, have you tried using any anti-blacklist tools such as SD4Hider or CureROM?

Go look at [I]Bleep Bleep [/I] Should solve all your problems past, present and future

NO CD’s are illegal and not supported here.

Sorry, Zamiell, Was your comment for me, or for Crofty 83?

If it was for me, can you explain further please.

If it wasn’t for me, then have you got any answers to help me please?

Was for Crofty83.

Jito463 sums it up pretty nicely. Have you looked at anti-blacklisting tools?

If it’s a dvd, then if you want to use the current version of alcohol, you’ll need to make an image for mounting on a virtual drive. You may also need some type of third party utility such as sd4hide for the mounted image to work.

Note too that many safedisc protected games are hotwired to run only from their installation drives (unless you edit your registry). Accordingly, you should install the game from the mounted image rather than from one of your physical drives if you want to play from a back-up image.

Thanks to all, problem sorted, I’m now one happy chappy, using Alcohol and SD4Hide, and it runs perfectly every time… :iagree:

Thank you… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: