Problems getting audio out of my PS3 when playing bluray movies



Hi, got a lcd tv, marantz sr5003 reciever, ps3 and acoustimax 10 bose speakers. got them all set up, with ps3 connected to tv with hdmi, optical and hdmi from amp to tv. played games on ps3 which work with dolby, played various bluray movies with dolby, but got the new terminator movie which runs dts and no sound during the movie. in the menus it shows up as dolby digital on the amp and sound plays but as movie starts there is no sound.
is there a problem with the way i have connected everything, or does the ps3 not accomodate for dd hd or dts hd.
what would be the best solution to the problem if it is the second problem; new bluray player etc. ???
really annoying.