Problems get drive speeds

I am using NeroCom with VB.Net and wish to display the possible drive speeds for both CD and DVD media, however I am only able to get the lowest speed. Can any one tell me what I am doing wrong, code snipit below.

Private WithEvents cNeroController As Nero
Private drives As INeroDrives
Private WithEvents drive As NeroDrive

'Create a new Nero controller
cNeroController = New Nero

drives = cNeroController.GetDrives(NERO_MEDIA_TYPE.NERO_MEDIA_CDR)

Dim pSpeed As NeroSpeeds
Dim strSpeed As String
Dim iSpeed As Integer
Dim iCount As Integer

iCount = pSpeed.Count - 1

For x As Integer = 0 To iCount
iSpeed = pSpeed.Item(x) / pSpeed.BaseSpeedKBs
strSpeed = iSpeed.ToString() + “x (”
strSpeed += pSpeed.Item(x).ToString
strSpeed += " KB/s)"
m_SpeedArray(x) = strSpeed