Problems for New Flasher



I have a DVD 166S that I am trying to flash. I downloaded the new firmware from the JLMS web page and unziped it. I am running Windows XP so I made a DOS boot disk. I rebooted and I get the “A” prompt but when trying to get to the “C” drive I get an invalid drive message. Anybody have a clue as to what I am doing wrong?


If your drive is in NTFS format, there will be no “C” drive in DOS. Put the F/W on another floppy and run it from there, or make a bootable CD with everything on it. I keep a small FAT partition on my HD for just such occasions


Thanks for the reply. I just went back to the website and noticed that this particular firmware is run uder windows (embarrassed grin). At least I know why I couldn’t access the C drive.


Yeah, mtkflash is the one that you use in DOS…