Problems flashing NEC-6100A drive

I went to dangerous brothers (which seems to be down right now) and downloaded the ND-6500A dell (203D) zip and I flashed my drive to a 6500A so I could burn dvd- r discs but I keep getting invalid errors when I attempt to burn a disc (using quality discs too TY and burning with Nero). Is there a way to flash my drive back to a 6100A?

I dont feel like messing with it anymore I’ll probably just buy a new drive soon anyway like a NEC-3540 drive and I still have my nec 2500a to fall back on for now

Yes you can flash it back to your 6100A. As the instructions noted wit hthe 6500A you should backup your old firmware before flashing to 6500A anyway.

For 6100A firmware (if you havent backed up your original) I have my old one from a year back on my hadrddrive here.

Private message me and we can deal with it that way.

Note: easiest way to flash is using binflash

if you want to try other (better) 6500A firmwares, check here: NEC 6500A firmwares

I suggest the Liggy 2.24 (if yours is v2.xx) or 4.24 if your drive is 4.xx