Problems flashing my DVR-107D


My DVR-107D currently has Pioneer FW Revision 1.10. I downloaded the official 1.22 FW and with that installer I get the error “Available Target Not Found”. If I use either DVRFlash v.2.2 or DVRUpdate I get the error “Firware and drive type mismatch” Then they say if I want to convert the drive to specify a kernal file as well as a general file.

The only file in the offificial patch if the general file.

Anyone have any ideas?


Oh, I just realized, even though the face plate says Pioneer this unit came out of a Medion PC. I think the latest for it is 1.13 is that correct? Can someone point me to the right place to get the latest FW for it?


Ok, I did a little bit more digging and found that I had to flash both the Kernal and General FW with official Pioneer FW before I could flash the general up to 1.22.

All is well.

Sorry for the waste of space.