Problems finding Plextor Drives

I was trying to find the PX-740A/755A/or 760A drives.And can’t find them.Seen two on ebay for outragous prices!

Which if any of the newer Plextor are any good? How’s the PX-800A?

The PX-800A is a NEC-Sony Optiarc rebadge. The 760A and 755A are true Sanyo-chipset Plextor made drives.

Thats my point;I’d like a true Plextor.Anyone know where I can get one from?

For new retail Plextor 755SA try this site:

The web page shows 716SA. If you order, you will get a 755SA. It happened to me. They may have 2 or 3 left.

They got 760A in Micro Center good price $119 :bigsmile:

$119.00,okay I can handle that!

It is a good deal now. Just checked ebay, one used 760A went as $86.83+$12.99S/H. :disagree: is selling refurbished Plextor PX-760’s ,740’s & 750’s

No PX-760A drives. Only the non-premium 740 and 750:

Are the 740’s okay?

Same drive as BenQ DW1640.

If you want a Plextor, buy 760, 716, and/or 755 ONLY. NO MORE OR LESS.

The PX-740 is a BenQ DW 1640 re-badge , as geekrule noted. They are fine drives (I have 3 crossflashed to EW 164B w/BEGB external firmware) but are not “Premium” Plextors capable of scanning with PlexTools software and using other Plextor features.


Finally got my brand new Plextor 760A today!! :smiley: :smiley:
Got this one over for 92 Euro. :wink:

This must have been the very last 760A sold here in Austria… haven’t seen any other Austrian vendors selling them for months. Two weeks ago it magically appeared on e-tecs webshop, and when I ordered the Plexy it disappeared from e-tec’s webshop…

Manufacturing Date: September 2006

Very very happy being able to add the last true Plextor DVD burner to my collection :slight_smile:

Scans will follow very soon of course…

:clap: :clap: :clap:

740A / 750A / [B]755UF[/B] is here

Someone told me that the 740A/750A/755 aren’t real Plextor’s!!

I’d like to find a 760. Anyone got a link for USA?

740A is BenQ 1640 Rebadge
750A is BenQ or Teac Rebadge ( stay away this drive )
755UF is 760A with external drive case :confused:
This is all I know :o

Micro Center still have some stock
others very high price

Thanks Burnsama :bow: