Problems finding dvd player to play dvd shrink discs

i have been useing dvd shrink for a while now and have had no problems playing the discs until my dvd player broke now i have brought a new 1 and they wont play on it but on the box it says it plays everything,so i took it back and brought a dvd recorder and they wont play on that either i just wondered if there was any way of making the discs playable,the player tries 2 read them it shows the file boxs but there is nothing in them

? any (even crappy) dvd player should be able to play your Shrinked Region Free dvd’s. I assume you DO write the complete AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS maps on those discs do ya?

i have never writen the audio ts before because it used to play on my old player without doing that,but do you reckon this could be the problem why others do not play them?

it’s a very good thing not to deviate from standards. So yes that could be it.

I’ve never written the audio_ts folder to DVD & never experienced any problems. Even some pressed DVDs don’t have this folder.
What media are you using, & if +R are you bitsetting to DVD-ROM?

Have you tried playing discs that you burned very recently? I’m asking because some cheap discs degrade at a fast rate, and some of the discs you tried could actually be dead. Can you play them on your PC?