Problems erasing titles from the HDD in my Panasonic DMR-E95H

I was doing a timer recording of a TV program when there was a power cut. When the power came back on the timer recording started again. I decided to erase the recordings and I got the message “cannot erase”. In fact I cannot erase or edit (partial erase or divide titles) any of my previous recordings, nor any new ones :eek: :eek: . Has anyone had similar problems?

I am in the process of dubbing all my recordings onto DVD-RAM before attempting a HDD Format. I am hoping that will work but I am afraid the player will refuse to erase the titles this way… if so, I might have to change the HDD… :sad: :sad:

I have read in another thread that it is possible to change HDDs on the Pany H50, is it possible to do the same on the DMR-E95H? Has anyone done it? and what HDD has been used?

I would appreciate any info on this… Thanks!!! :bigsmile:

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There is a very good chance you can completely blank the hard drive by formatting it. When you erase titles, the recorder basically marks the titles as deleted in its file allocation table, however it seems like its FAT has been corrupted as a result of the power failure. However, when you format the hard drive, in theory the DVD recorder should wipe the hard drive completely blank and create a new file allocation table.