Problems erasing cdrw

ok i have this AOpen 1232Pro burner and i got a AOpen 10x cdrw disc with it. It’s cool, burning and erasing like normal till about last week, tried in nero to do a FULL erase as usual, so it starts erasing, but then finishes in like 10secs and nothing is actually erased.

So i rebooted the machine and reinstalled the software and all that, but still same problem, so i think it’s a bad media.

I go out and buy a 5-pack Verbatim 10x cdrw. The first disc i try is working great…till i try to erase it about the 5th/6th time. SAME PROBLEM, try to do full erase in nero, but finishes in like 10sec and theres still data on the disc??

wtf do i do cd gods?

Sounds like bad media. Assuming you are not using UDF writing on the discs, that’s about all it could be. some people report some success doing a “physical” erase on RW media by placing them in the sun for 20-30 min, face up. This would be a last resort.

Download the freeware SuperBlank v2.0. It erases CD-RW discs that burning software can’t (or won’t) erase.

Give it a try. It should work reliably, unlike leaving them in the sun. :wink:

ok well that superblank program is a no go, still hasn’t solved my problem, i’m going to try to take it to a friends’ place and try to blank em there, if i can then my drive is screwed, if not…well that’ll be strange then

Try a slower speed - I have x10 cdrw media that works perfectly in a plextor 161040 (or whatever) at x10 but only works at x4 in my plextor 241040a!!!

Try using it at x4 and possibly it will work. Much of the x10 media seems to be x4x8 not x4x10.


well i tried just about everything pal, i’m sure there’s some stupid thing i’m missing here, but keep replying!

mrbacardi, SuperBlank v3.01 is available(freeware, author is Kris Schoofs). I can’t remember the website but a google search should discover it… It may?help?

sorry pal, i’ve tried everything, i think it’s a problem with my burner